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Affordable Websites

The purpose of a website is to help you add customers and increase sales. While it is true that a website can be a way to manage and improve the experience of your customers, what matters most to you is that your business is profitable.

Spending thousands of dollars on a website that no one sees will not help your bottom line. Too often I see web developers provide a “pretty” website that might be useful if potential customers actually saw it. However, they struggle to gain any attention to it, often registering fewer than 5 visits a day from potential clients.

PFN Design Studios is different in that we leverage technology to provide you with a customized website solution that is both affordable and effective. The initial costs as well as long-term hosting plans are so affordable that you will be glad that you made the leap to give your business the Internet exposure that you need.

Compare our prices with those of many competitors. Two leading website design firms that advertise heavily on television provide a “free” website that you may edit content and pictures on. That sounds good at first, until you realize that what you got was a cookie cutter website that costs you nearly $100 a month just to keep it. How many new customers do you need to add monthly just to pay for your website?

Instead, our company provides you with a customized approach to developing a website that meets your needs, and we do it for a fraction of the cost.

How do we do it? We utilize existing open-source software that provides a framework for your website. We build it precisely the way you want it and give it the look and feel that you envision to match your company’s branding.

The end result is a remarkable website that you control and edit. It doesn’t matter what your level of expertise is. Your grandmother could edit your new website using her smart phone!

Stop missing out on the benefits that your small business could experience by gaining its own website. Claim your online identity and start creating new business. Order your affordable website today.